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Tsepalkina Aleksandra
St.Petersburg, Russia

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Hi, I am an Artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I graduated from the leading Russian Art School, Repin Saint-Petersburg Art Academy. 
It was established in 1757 and primary famous for being a part of rich Russian Classic culture since that time. Many world recognised artists learned mastership here and you may enjoy their works in all top galleries around the World 

I use many technics but Oil painting is my favourite as it is the most diversive 

I learned Classic School and love to paint life scenes 

Sometimes I am getting bored from the rules and allow myself to go beyond. I turn off my mind feeling only images, colours and freedom. 

People wonder why my works are such various, like many different artists paint them all... I answer, "how a person can do the same all the time..." 

My works are presented in various galleries and some private collections