Artists / Pasuhin Sergey

Sergey Pasuhin is a modern Russian sculptor who lives and works in Saint Petersburg.

He was born in 1973 in the city of Arzamas of Nizhniy Novgorod region, and in the beginning of 90-ies moved to Saint Petersburg to pursue a study of sculpture at the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art. Upon graduation in 2000, he was awarded Excellence in Sculpture for his graduation work, a project of a monument to a famous Russian poet Josef Brodsky.

Subsequently, Sergey has been working as a professional sculptor since the end on 90-ies, receiving private commissions, participating to some local restoration projects and, at the same time, creating works of art of his own, in both classical and modern abstract manner. On this website you can see some of this works.

Sergey participated with success in a variety of local and national local sculpture festivals, exhibitions and competitions, and since 2004 he has been a member of St. Petersburg Union of Artist. One of his latest works, an installation called Cultural Preparation, attracted attention abroad and is now exhibited in TEN43 gallery in New York.

At the present moment Sergey leads a group of young local artists, an art studio that can provide a large variety of service related to fine & modern arts:
Monumental and easel sculpture, portraits, monuments and reliefs
Façade and interior décor restoration
Souvenirs and presents
Historical and genre miniature, realistic representations of diverse range of subjects
Animalistic sculptures
Exclusive book cover decoration
Synthetic art installations and objects
Hand painted book graphics

Sergey’s works are inspirated by fineness of classic art adopted through academic education, keenness of vision and good understanding of modern art trends, however without excessive fanatizm.