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Rubinsky Pavel Igorevich
Moscow, Russia

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Rubinsky Pavel Igorevich (1950)

Was born in Moscow in 1950.
He studied at the SHSH of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, in the MOSS memory of 1905 ( graduated in 1977)
a Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1990, member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Born in 1950 in Moscow, Pavel Rubinsky is the son of the late Igor Rubinsky, a famous official Soviet artist known especially for his paintings in the Socialist Realism genre. In early childhood, Pavels father recognized extraordinary artistic ability in his young son and encouraged him in his artistic studies.

 In 1973, following his military service, Pavel attended the Moscow Art College, "In Commemoration of the Year 1905". Upon graduating in 1977, he participated in his first art exhibition of young artists. It was there that his painting won first place for highest artistic level. He was a frequent participant in the All-Union, National, Regional and Moscow Union of Artists exhibits and gained national prominence when his paintings were included in the notable exhibit "Soviet Socialist Realism" organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture in 1978. In 1985, Pavel Rubinsky became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and was awarded the prestigious title of Official Artist of the Soviet Union.

 With the passing of his father in 1989, Pavel dedicated himself to maintaining the academic tradition of his family that has become known in artistic circles as the "Rubinsky Style". Over the years, Pavel has taken the Rubinsky style to an exciting new level, combining his academic roots with fluid brush strokes and painterly technique. His canvas are remarkable for their simplicity, strong sense of light, clarity of intention and compositional structure.

 Rubinsky has found his passion in creating multi-figured compositions and portraits. His paintings display a unique sensitivity to children and adults alike. Pavel Rubinsky is a prolific artist whose works enrich collections in Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Canada, the Unated States and the great halls of Russia.