Artists / Vostrezova Anastasia

Anastasia was born in a family of artists in June 1981.
She spent all of her childhood in Moscow and in Pereslavl-Zalesski where her family had a summer house.
She graduated from I.D Shadr Art College in 2000 and continued her art education in Saint-Petersburg.
In 2008 Anastasia graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, where she studied in the studio of Professor M.M. Devyatov.

The variety of genres in which she works are portrait, still-life, landscape and figurative compositions. The special place in Anastasia’s art is given to scenes of Russian life, theatre, Spanish theme and portraits, in which she is trying to reflect the mood and intimate emotions of human beings. Mainly, Anastasia works with oil colour and also uses pastel techniques.
Anastasia regularly takes part in exhibitions of creative association such as the "Peredvijniki of 21st century", in different art exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and other cities of the Russian Federation as well as in Italy and the USA. Her works are sold to private collectors in Greece, the Netherlands, India and are showcased in Art archives of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, which is the biggest art institution of Russia.