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Karelin Vyacheslav
Yalta, Russia

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Karelin Vyacheslav (05.08.1938 - 2018)

V.Karelin (1938-2018)
He lived and worked in Yalta.
A wide range of techniques, manners of painting, styles, ...
It seems that Vyacheslav was in constant search of new, OWN ways of artistic expression ... A fighter, a real fighter from painting. Not afraid of more and more new painting experiments ... To find such an artist who would suddenly decide to simply “change his style” - out of his artistic curiosity is only - very difficult ... But Vyacheslav, as we see, was just such a very rare breed of artists. Artists for whom their OWN, internal SELF-ESTIMATION was much more expensive than the judgments and evaluations that were given to his works by both his viewers and his shop associates ...

He was a true gourmet of painting.