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Dovbyshev Victor Leonidovich
St.Petersburg, Russia

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Dovbyshev Victor Leonidovich (12.10.1961)

Dovbyshev Victor
Born 12.10. 1961. in the family working intellectuals in Krasnoyarsk. Drew from childhood and was encouraged to paint in the family. In 1977 he graduated from elementary school, and grade 3th class of art school №1 of the city of Krasnoyarsk. In the same year entered in Krasnoyarsk city art College named C. I. Surikov by specialty artist - teacher. . The College gave a good opportunity to start education. Graduated from College in 1981, he graduated with honors and direction for continuing education at the art Institute.
In 1981, the newly founded Krasnoyarsk art Institute opens the Department of painting. Entrance examination and selection of students is carried out by specially invited remarkable artist Vladilen Mitrofanovich Kharlamov.
V. M. Kharlamov was one of the first edition of the workshop remarkable artist Evsei Evseevich Moiseenko. Today name E. E. Moiseenko is one of the streets of downtown St. Petersburg. From the second year 1982 attracted to teaching more one graduate workshop E. E. Moiseenko - Znak Anatoly Markovich.
In 1985 he was forced to interrupt their studies due to conscription for military service.
In 1987 he continued his studies in the Studio of Znak A. A. And in 1989 graduated defended the diploma with honors and an invitation to teach at the Department of painting.
Graduation picture was dedicated to the events of the civil war 1918 -1922 years in Siberia. The idea was to contrast the vast Siberian plains and senseless human destruction. The size of the picture 180x 270 cm, unfortunately survived only black-and-white photo.Successfully taught for four years, and in 1992 was appointed head of the Department of drawing and painting at the Department of design. But in 1993, after the death of the rector V. N. Petrov was forced to resign. Educational and teaching activities are always accompanied by active creative activity participation in group and solo exhibitions.In 1993, two landscape obtained Krasnoyarsk regional Department of culture for the city art museum.
In 1995 he moved to permanent residence in the city of St. Petersburg.
In St. Petersburg in the 90's there are favorable conditions for artistic activity.For the five years was possible to carry out professional activities. After 2000 the conditions have changed considerably. Managed to establish cooperation with " Art Russian galery" in Helsinki and "Bedoir" in Stockholm, which lasted five years until 2005. The last ten years of active professional activity is not carried out in view of the total absence of the conditions and prerequisites for the realization of.
In 2012 he completed a course in computer design and programming in an attempt to find application in this area.