Artists / Gibet Alisa

Born 1979 St. Petersburg, Russia
Graduated from Ioganson’s art college at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture.
Graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (studio of restoration M Devyatov).
Member of the Russian Artists Union.
At present she is living and working in St. Petersburg, Russia and Maastricht, Netherlands.
Her works are found in private collections are found in Russia, Germany, Italy, Holland, China, England, Egypt, Israel and Greece.

The beauty and magic of the female image has been an eternal source of inspiration. Many artists have tried to solve this mystery by showing the beauty, energy and endless power hiding in the fragile and tender female body. The young artist Alisa Gibet is one of them.

Alisa Gibet received a classical art education at the State Academic College of Arts named after B.V. Ioganson, at the St.Petersburg Repin Art Academy and at the Professor M.M. Devyatov’s studio. She exhibited successful in Russia, Germany, China, Holland, Greece and Great Britain. Favourite artists like Rubens, Zorn, Klimt, Sargent, Monet and Degas, determined a set of topics and images, which influenced her style. The artist says: "I’m very attracted by the sculptural qualities of the human body; at the same time I want to express the emotions of the model and the intimacy and tenderness of the moment.

The artist’s favourite topic is a nude model. Every female body is unique and Alisa Gibet tries to find the secret sense and the mystery of each model. She is looking for a personal interpretation, and persistently mingles fantasy and reality, in an eternal dialogue.

Her creative means are the use of vivid colours, a lively impressionist style and classical design. With mirrors and three-quarter turns of the body viewed from behind she creates space. The faces are partly covered, while the artist avoids any specific image. It is not the personality, which is important, but the romantic image of the proud, wise and wonderful "goddess" the women is in essence. At the same time it is a common flesh and blood girl, combing her hair, resting or languishing in sweet bliss, tempting and submitting, intimate and distant. In this way the artist highlights the beauty and shape of the female body. Blurred background on the one hand and clear lines and details of the main images on the other hand draw the attention of the viewer.

Alisa Gibet’s interest in ballet is understandable, as she grew up amidst the rich tradition of Russian ballet. Beauty and the perfect body go along with tender grace and huge inner power. The image of the ballet dancer provides the opportunity to collect an endless number of characters, attitudes, gestures, moments of motion in ballet sketches.

The theatre world offstage is reflected in an warm and kind manner. We see inspired characters moving during the rehearsals, relaxing during the break backstage intense moments in-between creative activity while setting their hairdo or graciously lacing up the points or just staring into infinity. The viewer becomes elated and inspired by the world of dance, where passion and music are expressed in motion.

Portraits have also formed an inseparable part of Alisa’s artistic work for a long time now. Either in graphical black-and-white or in colour, her works manage to reflect the human spirit, both of children and adults. One feels the artist’s generous approach to people, her understanding and loving attitude towards them. The works seem very natural and the viewer s attention is directed towards the central character; they are painted in a light manner and show a fine harmony of colours.

Alisa Gibet is a young established artist with an active spirit who is always looking for something new and encouraging. Her thorough attention for the world around her, her exquisite and sophisticated talent and high professional qualities allow her to create memorable, inspiring works of art.

Tatyana Milyukova, Phd Fine Arts