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Afonov Jury
Norilsk, Russia

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Afonov Jury (1956)

Graduated from Yaroslavl Art School in 1980.
Worked in Krasnoyarsk Artists’ Fund of the USSR Union of Artists until 1993.
Since 1993 in Norilisk. The Member of the Russia Union of Artists, member of International Assotiation of graphic arts - "AIAP YUNESKO", chairman of the rule "Regional public body artist Krasnoyarsk edges "Taymyr - a SOUTH".
His works are in the Norilsk Museum, Norilsk Arts Gallery, the Administration of Norilsk, the Administration of the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Administration of the Governor of the Taymyr autonomous neighborhood, "Svava" gallery", "Russian Gallery", "Estonian Ethnographic Museum", the Taymyr regional centre of the national cultures"- Dudinka and in private collections worldwide.

Afonov’s graphic works, unite the general subject: pagan roots of the aboriginal Taymyrs - their poetry and prose, their attitude to life, ability to survive, connection with the afterworld and that which is hidden from us.