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Bizganov Evgeny
St.Petersburg, Russia

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Eugene YBizhganov (born 1983) – artist of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Graduated fromMukhinaSt. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Department of Glass and Ceramicsin 2006.His graduation work was a composition" Western European composers " (Mozart , Bach , Beethoven , Haydn , Chopin) of 5 stained glass cabinets. Also he teachescomposition and drawing at The Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (Senior Lecturerof decorative-applied art and national craftDepartment). The artist actively engaged in painting and graphics in recent years.In 2013 he was admitted to the Russian Union of Artists in painting section.

Since 1999 he constant participant of city, Moscow and foreign exhibitions. The artworks were exhibited at the International Biennale and Triennale graphics in St. Petersburg. In 2010 his graphic work " Flashback " was presented to the Japanese- Russian exhibition " Fragile World" , held in St. Petersburg in the exhibition hall GIDUV and dedicated to the memory of the tragedy in Nagasaki.Paintings and graphic works were shown in exhibitions of St. Petersburg contemporary art in Helsinki, conducted by Russian center of science and culture. In 2011 , 2013 and 2015 the author presented his paintings at the annual exhibitions of St. Petersburg “ZOO- culture”.

It took several personal exhibitions of Bizhganov’sworks in 2008 “Musical polygraphics of Bizhganov and Koshelev” (Exhibition Hall of the State Capella Glinka and Musical Instrument Museum , Palace of Count Sheremetyev in St.Petersburg).In 2010 was an exhibition of paintings and graphics of Bizhganov" Giving what you got " in the halls of the Union of Composers in Russia. Exhibitions of paintings and graphics of the artist held at the University of Technology and Designin 2011 , 2012, 2013. In the halls of the St. Petersburg library №8 was an exhibition of paintings and graphic works of Bizhganov" Looks multicolored " in 2013.The personal exhibition of the artist was in the Exhibition Hall of St.Petersburgcalled "Appeal to the Bible " in 2015.

In 2013 the artist was awarded the Diploma of 3 degrees at the Interuniversity creative competition for a series of graphic works "The Creation".In 2012 the publishing house " Mosaic NK" released monograph " Graphic of Bizhganov " and " Titans Spirit" ( about Bizhganov’s works ).

The artworks are in «Lipton» collections galleries, free Russian Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Helsinki, in World Center of Nagasaki , in the collection of the State Darwin Museum ( Moscow), in a number of private collections.