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Gavrilenok Yury
Togliatti, Russia

Total artworks: 129

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Gavrilenok Yury (12.01.1961)

The Member of the Creative Alliance Professional Artist.
Was born the January 12 1961 in city Svirske Irkutsk area. In 1967году family has moved on Caucasus in закрытую soldierly part under Nalichikom.
In 1984 has entered in Kuybyshevskiy Aircraft institute. After completion in 1990 was distributed on Volzhskiy Car plant in Dizayncentr.
In 1996 has finished artistic-graphic faculty Toliyattinskogo pedagogical university.
Participates in joint town artistic exhibition, as well as passed two personal exhibitions in city Toliyatti.
Functioning(working) the artist are found in quotient collection to Russia, France, Swedens, Ireland and Greeces.
2012 - a Regional exhibition painting and graphs artist branches TSPH. The State show room "Creative activity" Moscow.