Gustav Courbet in his studio

Outstanding Masters has depicted in later his period of life and work, when his exuberant romantic and sentimental reverie, to some extent, losing ground, giving way to truth and the meaning of life, its purpose ...
All elements of the sculpture are subject to its main aspects: passion for the artist's creative process, where it appears to us at the moment of inspiration in the dynamic tilt housing OUTSTRETCHED hand, the characteristic elements for any artist: palette, brush, and of course, the picture itself.
Beside him, in the background - a nude young girl posing him, and in this context, it becomes a kind of allegory, as the artist Muse, inspiring him. The given composition was represented at the passing in 2001 personal exhibition of the author in the premises of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), France, dated to the 60 th anniversary of the sculptor.
Acad. Alexandra Duma,
artist, Art historian, Paris .
Gustav Courbet in his studio
bronze / founding / 42х55cm / 1987
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Style: realism