The Morning

The sculpture "Morning", refers to the early period of the sculptor, the early 60's, the last century. The product that went many countries in Europe and Asia as part of the master of solo exhibitions relating to the category of "unsaleable" works, saved them in his private collection, as one of the relics, has for half a century. The integrity of the volume, melodious plastic it is extremely generalized form, the simplicity of the plot bring this work to the category of significant works of sculpture created by artists across Europe over
the past decade ...

Acad. Al. Duma,
Art critic, artist, France.

Abstract: This work is charged with the powerful
energy-aura, neutralizing the negative impact within a radius of 1,5 km., with the purification of all human body systems. Tested the largest state. institutions in Russia and other European countries.
The Morning
wood / carving / 110х65cm / 1973
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Keywords: morning

Genre: nude