The Roses

The Roses
canvas / oil / 80х70cm / 2007
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Keywords: bouquet, flowers, rose

Genre: still life
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

Beautiful and sad roses. When you look at them you realize that everything passes… The author fills the traditional bunch of flowers with new meanings as if willing to penetrate the mysterious point of blossoming of this floral queen. The borderline of the plane they’re standing on is absent, as well as any horizontals, which creates the sense of vertical movement. The stems of the roses inside the vase’s crystal frame are just slightly hinted at with several oblique strokes. Realistic, though somewhat diffuse interpretation reinforces the impression of fragility and short duration. This delicate and poetic work brings to one’s mind an I.P.Myatlev’s line that inspired Ivan Turgenev and Igor Severyanin: ‘So nice, so fresh the roses were…”