The decisive battle of the chieftain Уermak in Siberia

bout this painting. Autor’s thoughts. I was asked to paint this composition by a distant descendant of a participant in these events. It was commission. But this topic was familiar to me and close from early childhood. My grandfather, as you know, is a great artist, he told me with inspiration about the story of Yermak and his last battle. There is even a famous folk song, a legend that tells about this event.One of my lovely songs of childhood. Everyone can read oficcially historical version on Wiki. But there’re many points of view- eastern, western, European, Russian. Every scientist search his own use and interest. Real history is the darkness. After reviewing many versions, I put forward my own. It is based on the fact that everything in history repeats itself. At any time, in any country, in any society. Only clothing and paraphernalia are subject to change.There is always a place in life for calculation, betrayal, greed, meanness. And also there is a place for generosity, courage and nobility, philanthropy. At that time, contrary to official versions, Siberia was part of Russia. Therefore, Yermak did not discover any lands, and did not conquer any peoples. He was hired to work with the squad to resolve competition issues between the oligarchs of those times.Yermak was a real warrior, leader, chieftain. After a while, this frightened those who had hired him for the expedition. Most likely he was betrayed by politicians and merchants. His squad was unexpectedly caught and defeated. According to the official version, Ermak drowned under the weight of armor. But there is a completely equal version that he escaped and left this situation free. In my painting I give him life and freedom. This fight will last about 10 more seconds. This is the last action, after which everyone will have their own path.
Andrey Lyssenko, Academican MAA.
The decisive battle of the chieftain Уermak in Siberia
canvas / oil / 100х120cm / 2020
15 726 USD
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Keywords: chieftain, Russia, Siberia

Style: realism