This picture is part of art-project
“Bar code archaeology”
In this project I am trying to create direct interrelationships between modern economy and the modern art. The bar code for the reading machine becomes the object of the modern art and gets aesthetic value. I don’t copy a bar code, I don’t make collage in style "Pop art". I create a new art aesthetics from a bar code and I am trying to prove (with the help of my works), that the artist, like a archeologist, can dig out and see the whole civilization in a small piece of the broken jug or in a machine bar code and then to create the huge world of a new art image.
All my pictures were painted by me on the packing cardboard 125 x 145 cm.
paper board / mixed technique / 125х145cm / 2012
2 400 USD
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Keywords: elephant

Genre: animalism