canvas / oil / 100х75cm / 2014
3 000 USD
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Keywords: hunter, hunting

Genre: portrait
Style: cubism
Fine art expert comment

Boris Berestov’s paintings are recognizable by their graphics, harsh and contrasting color decisions, two-dimensional representation. All these qualities are present in ’The Hunter’. Angular plasticity of the human figure emphasizes aggressive character of the painting’s hero. The work is drawn in cubistic style, and the author’s graphic language balances at the edge of reality and abstraction. The lack of volume in the character’s image is partly compensated by conventional perspective which is created in the background with the help of the door frame. Red eyes, sparkling weapon on a shoulder – all this form the image of a wild, brutal hunter. Bright palette, the usage of geometrical elements and decorative ’suprematic’ circuitry are obviously connected with traditions of Russian Avant-garde of the early 20th century. However, the painter interprets them in accordance with aesthetic tendencies of the 21st century, creating an expressive and memorable image.