The Romanticism is designed for creative, cultured and genteel people. The Romanticism style is characterized by the comfort, ease, sophistication and the elegance and plasticity of lines.
Works of artplay an important rolein the interior. There can be any subjectof the paintings: still life, genre scenes, landscape, sea and cityscape. As for the techniques and materials, one can choose what he or she likes most: painting, drawing, print, batik, sculpture, etc.

Judgment of Paris
canvas / oil / 59х50cm
360 USD
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canvas / oil / 40х60cm
722 USD
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Message for belover
canvas / oil / 90х70cm
4 810 USD
Ballerina with blue bow
canvas / oil / 50х65cm
770 USD
blue poppies
canvas / oil / 50х50cm
577 USD
Still life with Renoir
canvas / oil / 50х70cm
904 USD
not available
Magic Dream at intermission
paper / acrylic / 40х30cm
308 USD
not available
paper / pastel / 40х30cm
231 USD
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On the stage
canvas / oil / 40х40cm
481 USD
Morning in a Pine Forest. Ivan Shishkin
canvas / oil / 50х90cm
600 USD
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Stealing Beauty
canvas / oil / 55х60cm
269 USD
Knight Still Life
canvas / oil / 70х85cm
962 USD
Irises II
canvas / oil / 55х30cm
240 USD
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Bouquet of irises
canvas / oil / 40х30cm
240 USD
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Harmony sadness
canvas / oil / 80х80cm
4 560 USD