The Empire style (coming from the French word meaning the “empire”), or the Napoleonic classicism, is the interior style of the age of Napoleon I, where luxury, splendor and power are stressed. In the Empire style, the spectacular effect is valued higher than comfort.
The subject of the paintings for the Empire style is diverse; these can be portraits, still life, hunting scenes, battle pieces, mythological scenes, landscapes, seascapes, etc., their main task is to accentuate the luxury of the interior.
The trellis hanging of the paintings, when the paintings are placed from top to bottom of the wall without any gaps between them, is widely used in the Empire style.

Female torso
bronze / founding / 42х12х11cm
709 USD
Family portrait
canvas / oil / 100х90cm
1 784 USD
canvas / oil / 65х75cm
1 419 USD
Rooftops of St.Petersburg
paper / etching / 37х28cm
144 USD
Lonely hous
paper / etching / 20х12cm
60 USD
Baptism in the River of Dreams. Sedniv
canvas / oil / 60х80cm
360 USD
At the Entrance. Boilly Louis Leopold
canvas / oil / 34х27cm
1 440 USD
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Pond, overgrown with grass
canvas / oil / 60х80cm
1 946 USD
not available
Karelian landscape (Yandomozero)
paper board / mixed technique / 100х86cm
2 027 USD
Moscow Ring. Sadovaya - Chernogryazskaya
canvas / oil / 30х40cm
507 USD
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paper board / oil / 75х55cm
20 270 USD
Evening on the Huan He River
canvas / oil / 40х60cm
1 200 USD
White Peonies
canvas / oil / 60х75cm
3 360 USD
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Black Queen №2
canvas / oil / 65х80cm
3 240 USD
Irises (diptych)
canvas / oil / 90х90cm
4 800 USD
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canvas / oil / 50х35cm
2 432 USD
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