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The Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum was set up in 1939 on the initiative of prominent figures of Russian culture: academicians I. Grabar, V. Baksheev, P. Konchalovski, D. Moor, S. Gerasimov, P. Sokolov-Skalya, K. Yuon; People’s Artists of the USSR V. Barsova, V. Kachalov, A. Yumashev; the Arctic explorers E. Krenkel, E. Fedorov, P. Shirshov. It was named Moscow Secondary Art School. In 1951 the School through a decree of the USSR Art Committee became a division of the USSR Academy of Arts (now Russian Academy of Arts).Among its alumni are such noted artists of world reputation as V. Ivanov, P. Ossovski, V. Sidorov, V. Stozharov, A. Tkachev, O. Tselkov, T. Nazarenko, M. Dronov, A. Shmarinov and many others.
The Moscow Art Lyceum is founded on the disciplines of painting, sculpture and architecture. These three disciplines are fundamental to the Academy traditions that the Lyceum is proud to uphold. It offers children of exceptional abilities and promise the opportunity to obtain necessary skills and a foundation to their careers as professional artists.

Sergeev Oleg
Moscow, Russia
Akimova Margarita
Moscow, Russia
Bykov Sergey
Sevastopol, Russia
Brusilov Stanislav
Moscow, Russia