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The museum was based in 1914 by the members of local society of fans of the fine arts as a monument to artist Vasily Vereschagin. The first collection of a museum was placed in the former house of a guardroom of military department and included works which were transferred by Academy of Arts, Alexander’s III Russian museum, and also personal belongings which were sent by V. V. Vereschagin’s widow — Lydia Vasilyevna.
On the eve of the Great Patriotic War the collection of a museum totaled almost one thousand works. In days of fascist occupation the museum was plundered. Restoration began when Nikolaev city was released. In 1945 the museum restored the work in the small ancient estate.
In 1986 the museum moved to the new spacious house. There is an exposition of national art in its halls on the second and on the third floor. It comprises works of painting, sculpture, arts and crafts and graphic arts. There is a separate hall in the museum where the works of West European art exhibit.

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Tarabanov Vladimir
Nikolaev, Ukraine
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