Artists / Pless State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve

Museum-reservation is historical, natural, architectural and landscapers complex, includes exhibitions, valuable historical, cultural and natural territories, monuments of history, culture and nature. It is the object of national importance.
The territory of museum - reservation is occupied 78 he., the forbidden territory is 256 he, the zone of guarding landscape - more then 20 000 he. The museum-reservation are included 108 architectural monuments, which are represented by merchants houses XVIII - XX centuries. In the guarding zone there are 8 country-seats complexes, 124 archeological monuments and 13 natural monuments.
In the museum-reservation constantly function the Memorial museum of I. Levitan, Museum of landscapers art, exhibitions of decorative- applied art, of towns history, graphich arts and painting.

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Sidorenko Sergey
Moscow, Russia
Shevchuk Svetlana
St.Petersburg, Russia
Holin Dmitry
Vladimir, Russia
Shevchuk Vasiliy
St.Petersburg, Russia
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