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Stavropol Region Museum of Fine Arts is one of the greatest on the North Caucasus and the only one collection of artistic values in Stavropol Region consisting of antique, classic European art divisions, Russian pre-revolution period with the collection of icon-painting divisions. The modern art division with the biggest part of the collection of Stavropol painters and decorative art division are also presented in the exposition of the Museum.
The Museum’s collection chronologically covers the period from the 5th century BC to the 90s of hte 20th century. It gives the opportunity to see the common indications and national peculiarity of the art and culture of the different countries. The collection of the Museum allows to present to the visitors the technics and materials, different types and genres of the art and the history of its development.

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Orlov Vladimir
Moscow, Russia
Grechishkin Pavel
Stavropol, Russia
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