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Now firmly recognized as the most remarkable Ural art museum the museum the State Art Gallery in Perm - city houses the largest public collection of old and contemporary Russian art as well as European. Eastern and antique woks of art. It possesses 40.000 items including icons, Oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and objects of applied arts.
On the permanent display there are fascinating portraiture paintings, landscapes and pictures by distinguished 16-19c. Russian and foreign painters and the early 20 c. avangard paintings by the well-known Russian artists. The department of icon-painting offers visitors a superb collection of unique icons created by the outstanding masters of the well-known Stroganov’s studios established in the Ural in the 16 c., the time of vigorous exploration, colonization and construction of numerous orthodox churches in the vast Ural areas in the Kama river region.
Thee pearl of the collection is the permanent exhibition of invaluable wooden sculptures featuring the images of the Savior, Our Lady and saints of Russian orthodox church created by the locall professional and amateur craftsmen in he 17-18 ee. The history and heritage of the Kama river region with Perm as the center come alive in the changing exhibition of classic and contemporary art which are complemented by the extensive archive materials of the scientific department/ There is also an international program of changing exhibition with Germany, the United Kingdom, Korea The USA as well as collaboration programs through the institutions such as central Russian museum as well as British Council, George Soros Fund and Ghete Center.

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Shirokova Olga
St.Petersburg, Russia
Ryauzov  Boris
Moscow, Russia
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