The word ‘vintage’ came from France, where it was used by the winemakers to mark the aged wine. Later on, this word has extended over many areas of art, such as music, fashion and design.
The important feature of the Vintage styleinterioristhe deliberate symmetry. The symmetrical arrangement of furniture, paintings and furnishingsis encouraged in the interior. Decor elements must be worn and aged. In the Vintage interiors,there aremany interior objects, such as vases,mirrors, works of art, clocks, and figurines. Paintings are placedon the wall in pairs, observing the symmetry of trellis hanging, all the wall space is used; the main thing here is that all the works should bein aged frames.

In the lilac mist. Neglinnaya Street
canvas / oil / 25х45cm
445 USD
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paper board / oil / 75х55cm
21 336 USD
canvas / oil / 70х70cm
19 203 USD
Portrait of Galia Rakhimova
wood / tempera / 40х40cm
853 USD
Povarskaya Street. Good evening
canvas / oil / 40х60cm
711 USD
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Evening on the Huan He River
canvas / oil / 40х60cm
1 200 USD
paper / watercolours / 15х15cm
128 USD
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canvas / oil / 85х85cm
747 USD
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White Still Life with Bottles
canvas / mixed technique / 60х100cm
3 240 USD
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Nude woman
canvas / oil / 80х80cm
5 160 USD
canvas / oil / 50х40cm
1 320 USD
Irises (diptych)
canvas / oil / 90х90cm
4 800 USD
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canvas / oil / 50х35cm
2 560 USD
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canvas / oil / 30х25cm
960 USD
not available
White roses
canvas / oil / 60х50cm
3 841 USD
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Tower of Babel
canvas / oil / 42х88cm
853 USD
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