The Biedermeier (the word “biedermeier” is translated as “simple-minded Mr. Meier”) is the style of German and Austrian art, architecture and design which came to replace the Empire style and represents a branch of the Romanticism. Idealism is the main feature of the Biedermeier period.
The Biedermeier style interiors are characterized by conciseness, the predominance of light shades, the desire to preserve space and the freedom from architectural and decorating unnecessaries, therefore the interior is perceived as a simple and psychologically comfortable one.
Idyllic everyday scenes often dominate the painting, and the paintings are of the intimate character. The themes of national history and folklore, especially from the world of German fairy tales, can be traced in the subject of the paintings.

Night Cafe in Rome
canvas / oil / 55х55cm
853 USD
Evening hour
canvas / oil / 70х70cm
768 USD
not available
Rose. Indigo
paper / watercolours / 40х30cm
108 USD
Soon holiday!
canvas / oil / 50х60cm
800 USD
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Starry Night. Vincent Van Gogh
canvas / oil / 70х90cm
811 USD
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On the shore of Forgotten Dreams
canvas / oil / 60х80cm
512 USD
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canvas / oil / 80х100cm
not available
Still life. Patriotic War of 1812
canvas / oil / 80х100cm
1 707 USD
Early morning in St. Petersburg
canvas / oil / 80х80cm
not available
Irises. Van Gogh
canvas / oil / 90х70cm
661 USD
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cardboard / oil / 40х50cm
1 560 USD
Your white house and a quiet garden leave.
paper / etching / 100х65cm
360 USD
canvas / oil / 100х80cm
3 000 USD
Repentance by Russian mobster Opta and his gang
canvas / oil / 120х100cm
14 935 USD
Ice fishing
canvas / oil / 60х60cm
469 USD