The Chinese interior style is based on the teachings of Feng Shui. In the Chinese art, there are only two genres: Shan Shui (mountains and water) and Hua Nyao (birds and flowers).
In the kitchen, it is advisable to hang the paintings rich in green, as cooking and food process belong to the Wood element.
In the nursery, one can hang a painting ofthe globe for success in learning,or of horses (patrons of children) for rapid mental development, perseverance and endurance.
In the study, there can be mountains - a symbol of stability and reliability or a waterfall - stimulating the Water element - which brings luck and wealth.
It is advisable to avoid dynamic paintings in the bedroom, as this is the place to relax.

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Cosmic wedding
canvas / oil / 50х60cm
SALE! two samurai - one priсe!
bronze / founding / 35х25х15cm
2 780 USD
Evening on the Huan He River
canvas / oil / 40х60cm
1 200 USD
Galapagos tortoise
paper / mixed technique / 42х62cm
960 USD
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