Artists / Honored artist

Meritorious Artist, Zasluzhenny artist, also translated as Merited Artist, Deserved Artist or Distinguished Artist or Honorary Artist is an honorary title in the Soviet Union, Russian Federation, Union republics, and Autonomous republics, also in some other Eastern bloc states, as well as in a number of post-Soviet states.
The title is awarded by a national government to painters for exceptional achievements in arts.

Milokumov Sergey
Yalta, Russia
Gabunia Mikhail
Tbilisi, Georgia
Smirnov Viktor
Vladimir, Russia
Suvorova Kira
St.Petersburg, Russia
Vystropov Andrej
Volgograd, Russia
Papko  Valentin
Krasnodar, Russia
Balakshin Evgeniy
Saransk, Russia
Tkachev Mikhail
St.Petersburg, Russia
Solodov Vsevolod
Tver, Russia
Fedorov Alexander
Cheboksary, Russia
Astaltsev Viktor
Moscow, Russia
Polozov Aleksandr
St.Petersburg, Russia
Lavrinenko Ruslan
Saratov, Russia
Mokrov Nikolai
Vladimir, Russia
Syarov Vladimir
Yalta, Russia
St.Petersburg, Russia