Graphics / maroon

Graphics is a type of art that uses different kinds of lines, strokes, spots and points as its main drawing tools. Color in graphics, as opposed to painting, plays an auxiliary role. Traditionally easel graphics includes watercolor, pastel, gouache, tempera, inking, fusain, pencil drawing, sauce, sanguine, sepia drawing, etc. These border lines, though, are rather contingent, as watercolor, gouache, pastel and tempera can be used for creating both graphic and painterly works of art in terms of their style and character.

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Kiev bread
paper / watercolours / 60х77cm
507 USD
Pushkino. Night
paper / gouache / 45х45cm
142 USD
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paper / mixed technique / 55х74cm
134 USD
He and She
paper / tempera / 64х48cm
304 USD
paper / pastel / 31х56cm
243 USD
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