Exhibitions / SFUMATO

Oleg Ildiukov(Eldeukov)
Saint Petersburg, Liteyny prospect, 58
27.11.2015 - 11.12.2015
SFUMATO Sfumato literally translated from Italian means disappeared like smoke. Dictionaries define this method in art, as "softening the outlines of objects, shapes and cut-off modeling in General that allows you to convey an atmosphere that envelops them." Leonardo da Vinci practically and theoretically substantiated the sfumato method, as one of the most important elements of aerial perspective. The dissolution of the surrounding objects in the haze, the fog, the darkness is mysterious, it excites, it arouses the imagination... the Innuendo in the image is intriguing and allows us to look at the usual "new eyes". The sfumato method is loved by artists and gratefully perceived by the audience. Our city – the multi-faceted nature, with its inherent, historical and cultural contexts. The architecture of St. Petersburg rivers and bridges, streets and squares, thanks to the humidity and rare the sun, almost all year round, immersed in a condition where the border between reality and mysticism is erased. And it is impossible not to draw... worked for many years in the genre of the urban landscape, drawing Petersburg, I inevitably used sfumato to increase the perception and feeling of a place, building, object. Gallery "10x15" – this is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit their miniatures, executed in ink wash technique, which I call Tusi key. Based on its long-standing compositional work, I had 9 new entries specifically for the gallery, combining them with one’s artistic sfumato. Oleg Eldeukov

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