Exhibitions / The exhibition of one picture. Oleg Ildiukov. Triptych "The Duel?"

The exhibition of one picture. Oleg Ildiukov. Triptych
Oleg Ildiukov (Eldeukov)
Saint Petersburg, Nevskiy, 20
20.08.2015 - 03.09.2015
Oleg Ildiukov.
mixed media on paper

The duel...
Born into this world we unwittingly become participants in the struggle for life, for basic survival in the physical world.
Of life and Death. What is this combination? The Duo? The duel? The encounter? Or is this unequal fight?
After all, the contest implies the equality of initial opportunities for the opposing sides.
But is it always so?
The encounter includes the concept of honor, nobility, generosity to the opponent.
And how often do we see in reality manifestations of virtue?
Where is the honour? Where is the nobility? Where generosity?
These questions I asked myself as I thought when I worked on the triptych.
Emotions are muffled... it’s an invitation, but not a call... an invitation to think and reflect... without screaming... without hardening.
Fortunately for all to adhere to the honor code. This is necessary to be human. I would like to believe that we are all for honest

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