Artists / Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts

Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (KSADA) is well known in the art as one of the most prominent universities in Ukraine design and art direction.
The traditions of the Kharkov Art and design education take the origins of the second half XVII century, when it was launched professional art education in Ukraine. Even during the Kharkov Collegium (the precursor of Kharkov University) opened class drawing. In 1805, the baton is passed arts education to the university, which was also created drawing class. In 1869, opened M.Raevskoy-Ivanova private school of drawing, where developed Industrial Art direction, which eventually gave rise to the creation on this basis and our Academy.
Kharkov Art School, absorbing the experience of past generations was sorientirovanna classic St. Peterburg Academy of Arts and branch design developed under the strong influence of Kharkov Institute of Technology, who at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century in a period of rapid development domestic industry was at the forefront of technological culture.
Acquired tradition was picked up by the reorganized from Kharkov State Art Institute of Kharkov Art and Industry Institute in 1962, which 2001 was transformed into the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

Poddubko Konstantin
Nikopol, Ukraine
Mezentsev Valery
Kursk, Russia
Yuzefovich Natalia
Kremenchug, Ukraine
Korotkov Valentin
Moscow, Russia
Petruhin Alexey
Sevastopol, Russia
Dmitriev Alexey
Kharkov, Ukraine
Voloshko Karina
Kharkov, Ukraine
Milokumov Sergey
Yalta, Russia
Babak Vyacheslav
Kharkov, Ukraine
Tiunkin Aleksandr
Bakhchisaraj, Russia
Kotendgi Vitaliy
Kharkov, Ukraine
Kalinicheva Svetlana
Simferopol, Russia
Spesivtsev Vadim
Novokuznetsk, Russia
Zelik Viktor
Slavyansk, Ukraine
Britsev Alexander
Kharkov, Ukraine