Artists / Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov

The Palace School of Architecture goes back to the classes of Dmitry Ukhtomsky that operated in 1749-1764. Twenty years, the classes were reinstated by Matvey Kazakov, and in 1804 acquired the title of Kremlin College, later Palace School of Architecture. Graduates were awarded the title of Architect’s Assistant and had to earn their own licenses through later work.
The private art college was established in 1832 by Egor Makovsky and A.S. Yastrebilov as Classes of Nature, and renamed Art Classes in 1833. In 1843 the classes were incorporated as the School of Painting and Sculpture of the Moscow Art Society.
In 1865, the Palace School was incorporated into School of Painting and Sculpture; next year, the expanded institution was renamed Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The School was unique in Imperial Russia, being a private college in a country were education was primarily state-managed. Its diplomas (excluding the few highest-ranking graduates) were ranked inferior to those of the Academy of Arts; probably unimportant in fine arts, this division was a serious burden for graduates in architecture. The School tried to close the gap through acquiring a state charter in 1896, but failed.
After the October Revolution of 1917, the school was transformed in 1918 into the Second Free State Art Workshop (Svomas). Art workshops eventually disintegrated. In 1939, Igor Grabar launched the new college of fine arts, which acquired the name of Surikov Institute in 1948. Architectural education initially concentrated around VKhUTEMAS and MVTU and was organized into the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1933.
Since 1948 this educational institution is named the Moscow state art institute and has received a name Surikov - great Russian painter, devoted the creativity to creation of the monumental pictures on subjects from a history of Russia.

Baykov Dmitry
Moscow, Russia
Kondrashin Boris
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Butkovskiy Nikolay
Zhitomir, Ukraine
Tikhonova Maria
Moscow, Russia
Melnik Julia
Moscow, Russia
Egorov Alexander
Vladimir, Russia
Vasneev Sergei
Moscow, Russia
Sakharova Galina
Moscow, Russia
Nagornov Vladimir
Cheboksary, Russia
Surovtsev Danila
Moscow, Russia
Schitkov Albert
Simferopol, Russia
Rukavishnikov Philipp
Moscow, Russia
Abramov Fedor
Moscow, Russia
Bykov Sergey
Sevastopol, Russia
Piven Elena & Arkady
Yaroslavl, Russia
Berestov Boris
Moscow, Russia