Artists / Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov

The founding of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1988 is a crowning achievement in the life of Ilya Glazunov. The academy is a shrine to the arts, and this is evidenced by the refined elegance of its halls, offices and libraries. A stronghold of the traditions of high realism, the academy is a unique place where, under the guidance of rector and instructor Ilya Glazunov, young artists work to attain mastery drawn from the legacy of the great artists of the past. Immersed in their artistic pursuits, they enrich their spirits by communing with the beauty and harmony that surround them. The academy’s building was restored under Glazunov’s guidance, and the design of its interiors, carried out according to his suggestions, reminds one of the grandeur of the majestic Russian interiors of the various palaces of St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk, and Tsarskoye Selo.

Kirillov Ivan
Moscow, Russia
Tsvetaeva Olesya
Moscow, Russia
Levchenkov Alexander
Lubertsy, Russia
Pirogov Aleksander
Moscow, Russia
Artemieva Evgenia
Moscow, Russia
Klementyev Boris
Moscow, Russia
Tishchenko Victoria
Moscow, Russia
Mukhaev Maxim
Moscow, Russia
Lobov Anton
Moscow, Russia
Chigodaeva Katerina
Moscow, Russia
Titov Maxim
Perm, Russia
Obolensky Alexander
Ostrov, Russia
Truhanov Sergey
Kosterevo, Russia
Pletneva Irina
Nevinnomyssk, Russia
Kostylev Dmitry
Moscow, Russia
Karpenko Yuri
Volgograd, Russia