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Galimov Azat
St.Petersburg, Russia

Total artworks: 108

Views: 280751

Galimov Azat, born in 1958, 6th of August in Kazan.
Lives and works in St.-Petersburg
In 1986 to graduate from Saint-Petersburg State ART-Industrial Academy, SPGHPA (Former Art-Industrial School named after V.I. Muhina).
Member of the Russian Artists Union.
Member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and arts.

Follower of the Realistic school of Art. Works a lot and very actively.
The main bias of the artist is towards urban landscape. Here the painter’s
talent uncovers itself most brilliantly. Regardless of the city and the country,
Azat feels and conveys on the canvas all the notes of harmony, beauty and
atmosphere of the place he works in. His landscapes are painted with great
love and are filled with exceptional ease, realism and psychological insight.
While travelling over the different countries of the world the artist makes
numerous sketches and draws studies.

He worked in Finland, Turkey, Montenegro, China, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Cyprus, drew
landscapes and portraits, participated in various exhibitions. He participated in the
exhibitions of Leningradsky Union of Artists on many occasions.