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Tremmeri Lidia
Kiev, Ukraine

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Tremmeri Lidia (27.02.1946 - 1996)

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Lugansk Regional Art Museum;

Born February 27, 1946 in Ghent (Belgium).
 In 1963 she entered the Gent Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
 In 1965 the Tremmeri family moved to Kyiv, Ukraine for reunion with her mother’s relatives.
 In 1966 – 1973 Lidia Tremmeri studies in the Kyiv Art State Institute, department  of graphic arts.
 1973 sees the beginning of her artistic career: she is participating in all- republican exhibitions. During the whole creative period Lidia works as an illustrator in the Art Center, creating unforgettable illustrations to books for children.
In 1980 Lidia becomes a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
A group exhibition in 1985 in a hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine became the last in her career.
 In 1986, a month after the Chornobyl catastrophe Lidia was diagnosed with cancer. From that moment on, her life turned into a race against time, for the possibility to draw on and on.
         1989 - a journey to Belgium. Lidia Tremmeri exhibits her prints in Gent galleries. All her works are sold out before her departure, galleries offer her permanent collaboration.
 In 1992 the embassy of Belgium awarded Lidia Tremmeri the status the Honored citizen of Belgium.
On 24 April in 1992 the newspaper Het Volk (Gent) published an article by Jimmy Martens about an artist, Belgian by birth who has been living in Ukraine for 27 years and creates wonderful pictures.
 In the summer of 1995 she visits Belgium for the last time, to meet relatives and say goodbye to her Motherland. After the return, her condition sharply deteriorated.
 In July, 1996, on the 50th year of her life, Lidia Tremmeri passed and buried in the Vita-Poshtova cemetery, Kyiv.
The artistic heritage of Lidia Tremmeri contains 27 lithographies, 20 of which went out in 20 copies. Greater part of works already found place in private collections and funds of museums. Seven works remained in an only copy, as pastel technique. Lidia Tremmeri was one of very few artists in Soviet Ukraine, who has managed to slightly slide apart the heavy curtain of prohibitions.
She brought a breath of Europe into the Soviet and post-Soviet art. She showed boldly that there are many possibilities in art, and what is the most important is to be free. Lidia Tremmeri’s works are refined and sophisticated, made in a burst of inspiration, light and life-asserting. They were defiantly truthful and too brave for the Soviet art. These works are still modern today, they go abreast with the time. She carved herself a niche in the temple of fame in the history of fine arts.

Lidia Tremmeri did not live long enough to see her personal exhibition in Ukraine.
In 1999, her post-mortem personal exhibition took place in the Griffon gallery, where all works of artist were first exhibited.
In 2000 the second personal exhibition of Lidia Tremmeri took place in the Kolta gallery.