Batik / turquoise

Batik is a general term for various methods and techniques of art painting on fabric. At the heart of this art is a concept of reservation, i.e. application of a certain temper on fabric to preserve and emphasize the colors of pattern or of background. There are several types of batik, such as hot, cold, free painting, and they differ mostly by methods of fabric reserving.

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In full bloom
silk / cold batik / 85х70cm
480 USD
silk / cold batik / 45х45cm
240 USD
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Swallow’s Nest Castle, Ukraine
silk / cold batik / 40х30cm
107 USD
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Bird and flowers
silk / cold batik / 80х60cm
256 USD
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Turtle Urashimo Taro and Time
silk / hot batik / 80х80cm
420 USD
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Tomcat above the City
silk / cold batik / 70х60cm
213 USD
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Opium Dreams
silk / hot batik / 45х70cm
300 USD
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silk / cold batik / 63х33cm
192 USD
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