Lights on the Volga River

Lights on the Volga River
canvas / oil / 60х70cm / 2009
1 320 USD
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Genre: landscape
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

The source of inspiration for this realistic painting, rather unusual for Igor Panov’s style in general, is undoubtedly taken from life - glimpse of a summer evening at the river. And yet this simple and refined composition seems not just being “copied” form nature, but thoroughly thought over. The verticals of reflected lights contrast with horizontals of sky’s refracted reflections, adding a rhythmical pattern to the geometry of canvas. Compound colour combinations prove the colour craftsmanship of the artist. So this is the state of early evening. The hills towering in the background mount as a strong, powerful bulk. There are some dwellings at the other side of the river, at the foot of the hills - the lights can tell us they’re inhabited. Without lights, the houses would be swallowed up by space, time and night… Subjective sense of evening grows into something more significant. The lights look as signals for the sky, a cosmic dot-and-dash.