canvas / oil / 90х80cm / 2009
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Keywords: flowers, sunflower

Genre: still life
Fine art expert comment

In this piece of still life the painter’s aim is not a literal reproduction. Only horizontal surface line is defined, yet the surface itself lacks particular materiality. Dark background is perceived as some hollow in space separated by something light from the main object. In spite of all the vagueness (in terms of correlation with reality) of colour masses that compose the painting the still life looks quite persuasive.
One can’t help comparing this picture with Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Here though they lack the decorative plasticity that seemed urgent for the French painter in his portrayal of lush blossom. Eldar Esaliev’s Sunflowers are different. The painter wouldn’t depict the stems, and even leaves are barely seen - just flowers. Falling sunny flowers remind of a constellation, a galaxy dying away.