Good Pastor

The history of this sculpture, illuminated all the Hierarchs of the Holy Church, began its journey more
in the early '90s, when its smallest model in bronze lay on the desk of U.S. President Bill Clinton.
In 2000, the anniversary year of the Christian world, a bronze sculpture, "The Good Shepherd", height 1.5m, lit the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Diodoros First, was officially established at the First Christian Church of the world in Jerusalem. With the highest blessings of His Holiness, Diodoros First, for the first time in the history of the Patriarchate Irusalim, to author of the idea of "Good Shepherd", was given a great honor and a right to the construction of five-meter monument to one of the Christian countries of the world, so that as the Great Patriarch said ... "So finally, on our sinful earth descended peace and God's grace" ... Are we ready for this event and if we deserve this grace?
Registered in Europe, the register. Room - AP 1550/2304

Known in Europe art critic Dr.James Kramer, on the opening the exhibition of works by I. Kanashin in 1994, wrote: "... Sculpture of I. Kanashin like a charged light, positive energy, capable of even the slightest glance at her, as it were, enlightened the audience, to remove the headache, in turn, improve eyesight and as a result - an overall positive mood ...».
And this physiological aspect of his sculpture, continues Dr. James Kramer, is not accidental, since the author, over several decades in-depth study the most ancient and at the same time, the most advanced Vedic Science, having a number of the highest levels of the Unified Field of Vedic technologies ... "

Acad. Al. Duma, artist, Paris, France.
Good Pastor
bronze / founding / 520х145cm / 2003
19 203 USD
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Genre: religious