The da Vinci Code

The great Leonardo ... , The secrets of whose works, now several centuries later, continues to surprise and «shock» the entire cultural world, as well as all of humanity. Who is she, the Mona Lisa?
Maybe it`s just fiction dexterous businessmen from the culture? But in any case, discarding all doubts and conjectures, we must recognize the fact that humanity now has the highest level masterpiece, capable in its aesthetic and energy equivalent to confront the whole arsenal of weapons in the world that looks compared to this great masterpiece, pathetic and unnecessary ridicule ... Registered in Europe, the register. Room - AP 1465/2207

Acad. Al. Duma,
artist, Art critic, Paris, France.
The da Vinci Code
bronze / founding / 60х45cm / 1984
9 739 USD
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Genre: figurative