Zrna Gora. The roofs of ancient Kotor

Zrna Gora. The roofs of ancient Kotor
canvas / oil / 60х50cm / 2008
3 905 USD
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Fine art expert comment

View from the hill on the roofs of ancient Kotor allows the author to create a composition which seems rather unusual for a landscape. The blue stripe of sky traditionally forming the space of every landscape is completely absent here. The painter skillfully meets the challenge creating compound pictorial fabric with the help of connivent kinds of ochre thoroughly sorted out by tinge and shade.
The ochre tones are gradually increasing as they approach from the background towards the viewer, which is balanced by the countermovement of the pink shades that become more and more intense as they grow from the foreground inward, reaching their crescendo at the Cathedral bell tower. Though the size of canvas is small and rendition is rather generalized, details are finely and delicately worked through. They do not reveal immediately, though, but only with lasting poring over. Being so overwhelmed with volumes the painting still preserves its vivacity and airiness.