A Plant-filled Pond

A Plant-filled Pond
canvas / oil / 45х50cm
314 USD
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Keywords: plant, pond

Genre: landscape
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

Alexander Fedoseyev’s painting A Plant-filled Pond conveys certain mystic state of nature. Grand mass of blue, which is a group of trees at the foreground, occupies almost half of the canvas. But this doesn’t make the composition any heavier. That’s where the main pictorial event happens, which is a compound development of blue colors being picked up by openwork of falling shadows and continuing in the trees in the background as well as on the mirror-like surface of the pond and, finally, in the sky. The color develops not only technically, but emotionally. The artist creates a magic image that might have occurred in reality one bright sunny day.
The plant-filled pond is mysterious, it conceals something innermost. The author aims his artistic technique for creation of such an image. He doesn’t go to the skillfulness of diffuse brush or to the fine meticulous “done-ness”, though he’s able to do both perfectly well judging by his other works. As if reluctant to frighten off this state, he creates his textures carefully, sometimes working by pastose, sometimes by liquid transparent paint. Touching the canvas with soft brush he achieves the impression of velvety layer. This feeling of stirring, ineffable mystery reminds of the images of the Russian symbolists of the beginning of XX century, Pavel Kuznetsov and Victor Borisov-Musatov.