Eternal Spring Charm

Life definitely begins in April. In the forest wet snow slides into oblivion. For the third hour I have been walking along on new thawed patches, my feet are wet. I looked around, loudly sang a stupid children’s song. I know only one couplet but in different voices. Birds, today is spring, everyone should sing immediately!

The story of this painting is simple. Spring is my favorite time of the year, which is why I often work on this topic. Starting in March, I very often and for a long time walk in the forest, rejoicing in the graphic nature of dry grass on the melted snow. After a long gray, the bright blue of the snowdrops is inspiring.
The picture is painted decoratively, in part, but still leaves a feeling of realism. The composition is simple, but this is also the difficulty. Only flowers, only snow, and it looks convincing. The colors are open, giving a feeling of freshness and novelty.
The technique is mixed, the flowers are bright, painted pasty, the snow, on the contrary, looks like one warm layer peeps through the cold one