Ninth of March. Cold winter light is still pouring into the windows, but symbols of spring are already scattered everywhere on the table. All around there is a bright, cozy mess: a crumpled dress, scattered cosmetics, trinkets, strange vases, flowers. Smears are not clear, as the memories of yesterday, though - it’s not fun, but the shaky charm.

Mixed technique: glazing, random spots, pasty strokes. Everything works for the atmosphere of spring excitement. The main idea of ??the canvas is to awaken the senses. This picture is not about things, it is about first dates, flirting, innuendo.

The objects are bright, but their boundaries are not clear, they are only indicated. A slightly disturbing color, the randomness of strokes, a complex combination of cold and warm tones gives joyful excitement. An indefinite light pours from the windows, the flowers are translucent, like a slight hobby. There is a festive mess all over the place, making the mood that I hope was able to convey.