The Emerald

The Emerald
canvas / oil / 110х170cm / 2008
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Keywords: flowers, peacock

Genre: figurative
Style: modern
Fine art expert comment

The work of A. Turin, The Emerald is made in a form of decorative picture combining in its compositional structure several genres of fine art. There is a fragment of Eastern architectural landscape with mosques and minarets in the background, against the sky – grand and stately, as if frozen up in eternity; its portrayal is quite recognizable yet unpredictably generalized and asymmetrical. Architectural motif created on the canvas is surrounded by lush yet rather symbolically, almost fairily depicted greenery in the foreground. And among the pictorial blossoming that creates fine musical ornamentality, a piece of still life hides obscurely, looking almost unreal in his left corner of the painting. And finally, on the very surface of the canvas a pale vision, a silhouette of a young man playing on an ethnical musical instrument is sliding, along with the image of a magic eastern bird, a peacock, that appears here as if only owing to the author’s fancy. The painter’s visual language is quite uncommon and corresponds with his intention to create a multi-associational work of art. Expressiveness of his utterly generalized lines induces self-sufficiency and laconicism of local color spots that do no require detailed and meticulous elaboration. His coloring is non-realistic and terse, but the spots of pale lilac, pinkish and emerald, large and smooth in their rhythm, all of a sudden burst into a staccato of brush movements. This peculiarity of the author’s hand, which is rather graphic basically, creates this unusual and distinctive canvas, delicate, full of uncertainty, ambiguity and symbolic meaning.