Flowers and fruits

Flowers and fruits
canvas / oil / 80х90cm / 2009
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Keywords: bouquet, flowers, fruit

Genre: still life
Fine art expert comment

The young artist Tatiana Fastenko masters the large pictorial dimensions with enviable courage. Big square formats do not intimidate her, and multidimensional composition, multitude of objects and unconventional viewpoints either. In her Flowers and Fruits still life the painter bravely takes up her brush to solve rather complicated pictorial and compositional tasks. The still life has a deep perspective deployed towards the spectator and somewhat tilted horizon that makes the objects look as if they are pulling down and moving, thus giving great dynamics to the composition, intensified by the broad, sweeping and energetic manner of painting, the one that sends us back by association to Konchalovsky and Malyavin. As if a sudden gust of wind has rolled out the fruits over the table, shifted the vase, disarranged the bouquet, uplifted the drapery, overturned the cup, and blurred accidentally the colors on the canvas. Cezanne’s technique comes to mind, when he arranged his objects at different angles, often laying small pieces of wood underneath them to create a slope. The painting attracts by its intense inner expression, by complicated and dynamic connections of color patches. At the same time the canvas strikes as being full of genuine spirituality, charged with powerful sense of the present. The painting is polyphonic. The artist is able to compose a harmonious and sonorous mosaic of various jigsaw puzzles captured within the painting’s format. Tatiana’s work emanates certain positive energy, the very ingenious feeling that radiates from the artist towards the spectator bypassing all logical and mental interpretations.