At table

At table
canvas / oil / 80х90cm / 2008
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Keywords: sunflower

Genre: still life
Fine art expert comment

The painting by V. Peshkun presents a material world created by the author’s thought, the world existing within the intended graphic composition and colour settings that are strictly checked and considered. The portrayed still life brings its spectators into atmosphere of summer day, into the interior imbued with invisible but tangible sunbeams, where on the table covered by checked white-and-blue cloth near the high transparent jar with a huge bunch of sunflowers we can see the tea things, a cake, and sweets “randomly” scattered at the table top. It seems that two cups filled with hot dense tea stand still awaiting a forthcoming tea party. The painter draws his work bravely, in a relaxed, artistic manner. His structure manages to combine fragmentariness of composition leading to the cogency and inherent worth of his images, and the certain stylishness and splendour of created visual scene that coexist with strict and thoughtful choice of few depicted objects. The urge to speak about the visual world in terms of its multi-layered plenitude leads to the representation of objective forms from rather expressive and diverse angles. The texture of the canvas includes pastosity that here and there amazingly turns into painting that almost looses its materiality and density, becoming light, almost ‘aquarel’ and transparent. The author’s coloristic mentality with all its external luminous simplicity is quite complicated. The canvas is composed on eloquent contrasts of open blue, yellow, green, pink, black, brown and white with rare accents of red, all of them enriched with numerous highlights and reflections of color.