The collision of two powers

Why locomotive became the hero of this picture? From early childhood, I have always been attracted to this technique for its power, extraordinary thoughtfulness every detail and unique beauty . But then , unfortunately , the engine alive , I have never seen.
Before starting work on the film had a lot of doubts about the choice of the theme , but after visiting the Rostov Museum of railway equipment , where I saw with my own eyes the very locomotives from my childhood - all doubts vanished instantly . Me these giant machines made ??an indelible impression , especially as an artist. They seemed very picturesque and just aesthetically beautiful. Had collected a lot of material about each museum exhibit , resulting in paintings was selected for freight locomotive series 1679 - FD20 (" Felix Dzerzhinsky ") , as it was the most powerful in the world of mass- produced ones. And for the realization of the idea in my work was necessary precisely powerful freight engine .
The idea of ??" elements" in the course of working on the sketches for the painting came quite by accident . Researching information about the locomotives , I stumbled on an interesting metaphor: "The locomotive - a combination of the elements of fire and earth," ie, it turns out that people combining these components, where the earth - coal, creates his element, which in combination with fire gives movement.
Since the main genre in my work is landscape, I started thinking about how I connect it to my idea. It was finally agreed as the basis for future paintings, take this confrontation, struggle, clash elements of man and nature.
When composing a picture, it was decided to show the invincibility and power of nature, for this I painted a huge storm cloud, which occupies a large part of the canvas. Conversely locomotive depicted small enough, but rapid that characterizes humanity itself, which tries to conquer and subjugate all even nature. Pictured driver who looks out the window at this enchanting landscape, like any other person at the same time feels a strong admiration and helplessness. Still, no matter what, he promptly sent to the very epicenter of the storm. For more expressive of the basic idea of collision was depicted steam from the engine, which is a bit like a storm cloud , and where even trying to go into a confrontation with this white lump.
Work on the painting was very difficult and at the same time very interesting. Many times copied and changed its location some elements of the composition, to eventually achieve the desired impact and transfer my main ideas.
A. Savelenko