Vishny Volochek. The Moonlit Night

Vishny Volochek. The Moonlit Night
canvas / oil / 40х50cm / 1995
439 USD
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Fine art expert comment

In his work Vishny Volochek. The Moonlit Night, the painter A. Drylev creates what is a typical portrait of the Russian countryside and at the same time quite recognizable landscape of Vishny Volochek with its quiet pedestrian embankments of the rivers and channels, on the borders of which the small houses hide, humbly aging beneath the high ancient trees. The author draws one of the rivers that the town has in abundance in the foreground, and in the middle distance portrays one-storey wooden buildings. Going into depth, they seem to sink in the gloom of descending night, loosing the daytime clarity of outlines and color. The composition is completed with portrayal of the sky with fool moon at the right touching the surface of the water with its white highlights, and trees ghostly emerging against the sky at the left. The landscape is painted with broad brush strokes, using cold resembling tones of grey and brown with small accents of white which, pouring into one another, create harmonious effect of color reflections. And general monochromaticism of color dictated by the night nature establishes a lyrical and slightly melancholic image of the sleeping town, lost in its loneliness among the illimitable space of Russia.