Sleighing Along the Quay

Sleighing Along the Quay
canvas / oil / 72х97cm / 2005
14 400 USD
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Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

When you look at the painting Sleighing Along the Quay by A. Shevelev you realize that it has been created by a Russian artist who keenly grasps the essence of the national character in all its noisy festivity and unrestrained rollicking merriment, as he conveys it through dynamics of diagonal rhythms and polyphony of his pictorial style. The author includes the attributes, garments and other typical traits of 19th century Russian provincial life in his multi-shaped composition. Such are the painted sleighs racing along the white snow, hardly ruled fractious horses, numerous walkers. And all these are painted against the landscape background with high snow-covered park trees at the left part of the composition and with brick buildings with vertically erecting smoke of the chimneys at the right. Using the rules of picturesque overtones the artist achieves masterly richness in his tinges of white with blue, lilac, pink, and ochreous, introducing his spectators into a clear beautiful sunny and frosty day where all the objects cast bright and rich shadows on the surface of the snow carpet, and where Russian frost can do nothing but increase everyone’s boldness and fun.